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Our primary focus is supporting and educating YOUTH through our S.P.A.R.K. Mentoring Curricula.

See also: List of sparky styles. There's more to it than that, however. It has been compared to the distinctive style of a painter, except that artistic styles are generally not inherited. There are two major classifications of Sparks: Sparks who go into science, and Sparks who go into the arts. Possibilities exist such as Gospodin Rassmussin, a dance master and a member of a sparky circus could be an example as could Van Rijn but in this case their contributions could be no less destructive.

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Apparently, only a small minority of the European population have the Spark, as it is a rare hereditary trait rarely found outside a small number of families. With the right background and education a spark can become extremely powerful and influential.

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However, most of the common population that survive their "breakthrough" are either relatively weak or lack the education to make full use of their abilities. Just as in real life, many talented individuals are born in poor areas, cut off from the education that would enable them to put their talents to real use. Also, there are varying degrees of talent; just because one has the ill-defined ability to "warp the laws of nature" does not mean one can do it in an effective manner. Master Payne's Circus of Adventure is filled with such Sparks; by disguising their talents as performance art they are able to hide their talents while applying them towards earning livelihoods.


In addition, Dr. Dimitri Vapnoople was apparently incapacitated by the Baron 's brain coring. It is or has become generally understood that, despite the "girl genius" of the title, there is no measurable inherent difference in probability of males and females breaking through. There are many more male than female Sparks in Agatha Heterodyne's Europa, but this is apparently due to external forces [5]. There is some [6] evidence [7] that this may be due to the efforts of Prince Aaronev VI to revive the Other , using, at least in part, female Sparks captured by the Geisterdamen [8] during their search [9] for the Holy Child.

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Sparks are known for generally having a stronger constitution than ordinary human beings. That might just be Gil, however. These may be examples of phenomena where the body simply ignores its limits. The fact that many of the musical characters are also Sparky suggests that the Spark may be associated with musical ability. At the very least, the mathematical construction of music may "click" with the Sparky ability to warp physics, even a little.

This means that tests focused on "typical" human neurochemistry usually have to be performed on non-sparks. Sparks are also capable of rejecting or resisting ordinary slaver wasps , probably at least in part due to this unusual chemistry. There is evidence that some sparks can reach a "hyper-spark" state, attaining a level of intellect and ability even beyond what the strongest sparks are normally capable of.

Unfortunately, this condition is temporary; it requires an unsustainable buildup of energy within the body, and will cause the subject to explode if the energy is not dumped elsewhere.

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Or rather, that it becomes less dangerous for the spark, but more dangerous for everyone else! The Ancient God-Queens supposedly achieved a more sustainable hyper-spark state. It's not clear what process causes this breakthrough, nor what relationship if any it has with "peeping into the infinite", nor whether it has anything directly to do with the Queens' other unusual attributes e. We would not exist if you did not need our help. Here's hoping we go out of business! Our passionate professionals make the world go round.

Their dedication to helping young people find and explore their spark, their reason for living, is what makes us special.

We could not reach out to our youth or train our passionate professionals if you did not help us through your generous donations and support. Our community cares and they show it! What we do. Get involved. Share your spark.

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Who we are. What's happening. Passionate professionals helping young people ignite their spark for life. What We Do. We recognise that young people today are under increasing amounts of pressure and stress from many different sources. We provide young people an opportunity to interact for a day, week, month or longer with all types of passionate professionals who love what they are doing and want to share their SPARK.

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How we Help. We match youth to professionals Using our database of volunteers, we match interested young people up with professionals who want to share their knowledge and passion for life. Take the first step Head to the 'Get involved' page to sign up using the forms provided. Time commitment The amount of time you spend is entirely up to you. Sponsorship The first step to finding a sponsor is meeting up.

Materials SPARK provides screening and training programs, conversation guides and questionnaires to help passionate professionals navigate the introduction and learning process.

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