Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique

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Networking Break If you haven't already done so, use the conference app via Topi to connect and network with fellow Iconic attendees. Foyer and Lobby. Using their respective marketing prowess and entrepreneurial insights, this brand-savvy all-star panel will share how to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Learn relevant brand-building best practices and why the art of storymaking is the future of marketing. This session is all about the good, the bad, and the brilliant of brand strategy. Networking Lunch Exchange contact information and sharp observations about what it means to run and grow a business in the current environment. Enjoy the meal as you make lasting connections with potential partners, colleagues, and friends. The Reinvention Game: A Conversation with Marlo Thomas Award-winning actress, author, and cultural icon Marlo Thomas will reveal, through stories of her business trials and triumphs, what it really takes to thrive throughout your personal and professional life.

Also, discover how you too can develop a long-lasting impact. And so far, it's been nothing but net for the serial entrepreneur and investor extraordinaire. In this exclusive no-holds-barred conversation, Cuban opens up about his business philosophies and entrepreneurial audacity. Learn from the man who lives a full-court life.

Cuban will teach you how to boldly embrace your vision, build and lead a winning team, and make strategic decisions in crunch-time. Also, find out why competition may be the best thing for your business and what it really takes to be the most valuable player within your industry. Speaker: Mark Cuban Theatre. In this closing session, Lemonis will not only share just how he became the Business-Turnaround King, but he'll also select members of the audience to discuss some of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how to overcome them.

Got a question? Bring it. Speaker: Marcus Lemonis Theatre. Grab a bite, enjoy a drink, and continue to make lasting connections and share your thoughts on the Iconic experience during this fun and casual soiree. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served throughout the evening. All registered conference attendees are invited to attend. You're about to be redirected We notice you're visiting us from a region where we have a local version of Inc.

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Sign in if you're already registered. May 19, One day. Eighteen icons. An unforgettable experience. Come to Iconic:Chicago a hard-hitting one day event, presented by Inc. Every minute and every session will challenge you to overturn conventional thinking and revolutionize the way you do business.

At Iconic:Chicago you will discover what it takes to build a lasting brand, get tips on redefining your relationship with your customers, hear strategies on how to compete with giants, learn how to ignite change in your company and community and so much more! Life Is Good.

Warby Parker. These brands made a big market impact by thinking differently. In Cuban wrote an e-book, How to Win at the Sport of Business, in which he chronicles his life experiences in business and sports. Cuban started the Fallen Patriot Fund to help families of U. Neil Blumenthal is a co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, a transformative lifestyle brand that offers designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses. He is responsible for executive branch transformation efforts. He has made a career out of turnaround and transformation initiatives in the public and private sector, having advised Governors across the country on changes creating leaps in customer service quality, efficiencies, and program effectiveness.

Elizabeth Cutler, Co-founder, SoulCycle. Elizabeth Cutler and her partner Julie Rice were determined to find an alternative to the fitness routines that felt like work. In , they created SoulCycle, a workout that combines inspirational coaching with high-energy music and a full body workout on the bike.

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Today, riders of all ages have responded to the SoulCycle cardio party with over 60, people riding at SoulCycle every week. Hilary Folger, Partner, brand strategy, Lippincott. Long sought after for her ability to refresh and revitalize heritage brands, Hilary is also deeply passionate about sharing her expertise with female start-up founders in an advisory capacity.

Jason Fried's Basecamp, located in Chicago, is a software firm committed to building the best Web-based tools possible with the fewest features necessary. Fried is also the co-author of three books. The Boston, Massachusetts-based lifestyle brand spreads the power of optimism and helps kids in need by donating 10 percent of its net profits to The Life is good Kids Foundation. Tyler Mathisen co-anchors CNBC's "Power Lunch," one of the network's longest-running program franchises, as well as "Nightly Business Report," an award-winning evening business news program.

Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises is a Chicago-based corporation that owns over restaurants nationwide. The restaurant business has been Melman's life work and passion. Today, approximately 6, people work for Lettuce Entertain You and Melman has nearly 70 working partners, most of who have come up through the organization. Pritzker, co-founder and managing partner, Pritzker Group. Pritzker is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.

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He is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Pritzker Group, a private investment firm that comprises three professional investment teams: middle-market acquisitions, technology venture capital and asset management. For nearly two decades, Mr. Pritzker has been focused on building Chicago's ecosystem for technology entrepreneurs. Keep reading Here's The Scoop Last year Drew decided to create an intense, multi-expert audio program on the subject of advertising, marketing and sales that would put other such albums to shame.

He searched for months for experts who not only knew their stuff, but could communicate it powerfully enough to turn even the meekest marketing mouse into a fire-breathing, razor-toothed marketing Street Dragon. It wasn't easy. After rejecting material from dozens of hopefuls including two who became somewhat belligerent when we "rejected" them , only 10 of the most powerful and effective marketers and business experts remained—the cream of the crop in background, knowledge and teaching style. The bios of these masters read like a "Who's-Who" in business, ranging from owners of their own high-powered ad agencies employing hundreds, to an advisor of U.

They have appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows and have trained and educated literally hundreds of thousands. The have come to be known around the world as, "The Masterminds of Marketing. They deliver one practical tip, trick and technique after another. They literally spill their guts and hold nothing back. It's so thick with how-to techniques and ready-to-apply strategies, it can actually save you hundreds of hours of reading and hundreds of dollars in buying other programs and books.

That's because so much is contained in this one big album. Each of these experts sits "by your side," advising you to take certain tested actions They'll be tugging at your shirtsleeve, alerting you to potential mistakes that have already caused others to fail miserably. Their advice will guide you confidently down the path of success because they tell you exactly what to do and what NOT to do. Boring theories and half-baked ideas? The facts. On-target and to the point. Simply pop tape 1 into your cassette player.

You'll be overwhelmed with more how-to information in this ONE tape than most other programs offer you in their entire multi-tape album. This is not just another advertising claim. It's something you'll prove to yourself within the first few minutes of listening to the first of 8 tapes in this big, rich album. You MUST listen to this tape! Super-easy tricks that work! You'll laugh at your old sales letters after what you learn in this special double-length program Learn why and how to do it correctly! Make those contacts you've been putting off. Smash through the fear that's keeping you from enjoying enormous success.

Renowned business psychologist teaches you how in his special double-length consultation. Learn how to shake people up by using advertising "tough talk" that gets results. For example, in Get ready for the advertising education of your life. In your first session, you and I will meet for an advertising makeover you'll never forget. I'll throw so much practical information at you that your head will be spinning like a top. Then, in the tremendously practical If you want to master the art of writing advertising that practically forces readers to do business with you, Tim Adams is your man.

He's an author, speaker, and publisher of Marketing Tips That Work! His offbeat and in-your-face style creates training materials that are often humorous and entertaining, but always fact-filled and on the money. Tim's extensive accounting background brings a no-nonsense, bottom-line approach to marketing. He exposes outdated marketing myths and reveals hard-core, insider marketing techniques that work both on and off the internet. He has consulted for companies such as Sequent, Tektronix, Pentax, Intel and many others. He's a Certified Professional Consultant and author of books on Positioning and Do-it-yourself Marketing as well as four audio programs on the art of Networking.

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Hold 'em Influence" is a specialist in powerful personal and professional communication techniques. As a highly sought after "Success Coach" and Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP , Greg has applied his special technologies to achieve peak performance with Olympic athletes, musicians, sales professionals, health care professionals, business owners, business managers, and others, and has received a plethora of referrals from prominent business leaders.

He led newspaper ad departments grossing more than sixty-million dollars a year and conducted dynamic sales training and motivational programs for advertising salespeople all over America. Now heading his own company, Mike Harris Creative Services, he creates TV and radio commercials and press ads for a variety of clients in the banking and entertainment industries, and illustrates ads, magazines and books.

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Then get ready for a major kick in the business pants when in Revenue got his start in the trenches. He has written and helped implement over marketing and sales plans for mid-size and smaller companies. His "Dr. Revenue Marketing and Sales Clinics" focus attention on prescriptions for immediate and sustained growth of both the top and bottom line.

Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH Technique

He is a popular business speaker, seminar leader and author of Dr. Revenue's Profit Prescription. His articles appear frequently in business newspapers and industry magazines throughout the nation. He's been involved in a dozen businesses since and is now a published author and professional speaker who addresses dozens of association and corporate audiences every year.

As an avid student of marketing and psychology, you'll benefit directly from the lessons he's learned in his experience with over consulting and copywriting clients. Put just one of the dynamite ideas on Larry's tape to work in your business, and you'll know immediately why they call him "The Success Strategist. He facilitates decision-maker "think tanks" based purely upon his own ideas and creative concepts.

He is a rare Big Picture strategist, an advisor to U. Hank delivers a "Big Picture" overview of business—a virtual MBA crash-course—in about 45 minutes flat Today, after spending thousands in research and years in intensive investigation of over 20, web sites, Albert consults with and creates wildly successful sites for companies all over the world. Topic: "How to be Absolutely Fearless Selling Anything" I help individuals and businesses succeed by mastering the greatest barrier to success: Fear. As a forensic psychologist, I have evaluated some of the most disturbed minds.

As a business psychologist, I have examined some of the most successful minds and businesses. The result is a deep understanding of the psychology of fear and motivation, the cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence. Who IS Dr. Scott Sindelar? He is a professional speaker, a licensed psychologist and the founder of three successful businesses.

He has presented and consulted with businesses from Singapore to Saudi Arabia. Real life - Real business experience! He recently took over a money-losing business, turned it around and paid back the investors in 3 months. But he didn't stop there. He continued using his psychological marketing secrets to overwhelm the competition. They begged him to stop. When they couldn't beat him, they did the only thing they could do. Now get ready for a real treat when in Once you get this down, your entire philosophy will change and you'll no longer create advertising the old, ineffective way again.

Greater response, more orders and more profits will be yours. WARNING: If you're looking for "nicey-nice" talk that's likely to make no impact like many other business programs now available , you are advised to skip this one cassette side. Because in this extended consultation, he speaks to you very directly He's committed to starting your head spinning with bold new ideas and supercharged enthusiasm by the time you "leave his office.

For example, do you know how some seafood restaurants use more bread crumbs in their deviled crab cakes than crab meat itself? It's cheaper, of course. Nothing surprising. But did you know that in the same way many other cassette programs are also mostly filler? It's true! They're bloated with stories often boring. Or lots of bad jokes. Others are so repetitious that you could listen to only half the program and not miss a thing!

Still others and this really annoys me are recorded during a live presentation. Nothing wrong with this, but when the speaker constantly asks people in the audience, "Would you please share what you're learning in this seminar? Nothing annoys me more than spending my hard-earned cash on a program by an expert and receiving a bunch of tapes filled up with a bunch of yakking by everyone BUT the expert!

If I pay good money to hear an expert talk Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I invite you to take it for a risk-free "test-drive" I challenge you to find a better, more practical program on the market. Chances are, you won't. If you do, let me know. I'd like to congratulate the author for a job well done! I took these experts' over 2 centuries of hands-on experience and compressed them into 8 tapes that teach you how to DOUBLE You wouldn't believe how much time and effort went into creating these tapes.

First, we spent 6 months searching for the very best experts available. To attract them, Drew wrote an exhaustively detailed page letter explaining the project and what he was looking for. Yes, 18 pages. Long copy sells. He then took about 2 months to review all the submissions. Then he spent about one month writing all the introductions and front- and back-cover copy. One of the nation's top book cover designers was employed and she did an outstanding job.

Wait until you see it.

Modern Lead Generation Strategies & Techniques To Supercharge Your Pipeline In 2018

Gorgeous full-color covers cost a pretty penny, but total quality was the key so he went the added expense. It took about 45 days back and forth with the designer. Changes, more changes, additions, color corrections, approvals. It's hard work. Just wait until you hear the "pipes" on this guy! He's the advertising voice for some of the largest and most successful corporations in the U.

Expensive, but worth every penny. Production expenses ran in the thousands of dollars for the initial run, not to mention hundreds more in shipping costs alone. Then heI spent several days writing the copy you're now reading and hundreds more were spent on web site development, banner ads and sales letters.

And, while we do admit that sometimes you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information contained in this unusual program, I'm pretty sure in the long run you'll appreciate the exceptional value you're getting. I don't mean to boast, but I truly believe this album is worth times its modest price. But this shouldn't come as a surprise, really. These tapes contain the same strategies and techniques and methodology that a consultant or ad agency would use if you hired them for big bucks.

Best of all, you don't need any special skills or expertise to use the techniques we reveal to you. In fact, you can begin applying some or all!

Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique
Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique
Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique
Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique
Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique
Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique
Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique
Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique
Supercharge Your Business Today: The Six Secrets of the GROWTH™ Technique

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