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Eat at least one meal together each day.

Start here with the most read posts of all-time. Take my Four Tendencies quiz. Get good tips here. Find any post based on month, year, or topic. Get monthly book recommendations from me. Our Tendency shapes every aspect of our behavior, so understanding your Tendency lets us make better decisions, meet deadlines, suffer less stress and burnout, and engage more effectively. Sign up to get my free monthly newsletter. It highlights the best material from here, my Facebook Page, and new original work. I have a newsletter for that! Dismiss What are you looking for? Search Search. I have made new friends and spent lovely times with old friends.

Excellent cooking and supply. Plenty of wine. Been like living in a film set. The accommodation was extremely comfortable. You had thought of everything we could possible want and added a few touches of your own. In some ways the meals we had at Il Mulino were better than the restaurant meals because more informal and relaxed. In we had Sonja Price to tutor us and she was really helpful, but this year we are aiming the week at writers who have works in progress, for those who want to start to write and who need peace, tranquillity and space to write, write, write, without interruption.

No cooking, no housework, just time to write and dive into the imagination. These sessions are all optional. Each morning will start with a five-minute limbering-up writing exercise to kick-start your creative juices. Some local writer are dipping in for this. If you are artistic and would like to have a break from writing, on Monday 16th September, a local artist, Joy Boncompagni Stafford will hold a morning session on watercolour.

This is an extra and will cost Euros 25, materials provided. Title to be announced on the first day of the course. Participants are invited to send in one piece of work wordcount 2, max no later than three weeks in advance of the start of the course, to share and receive constructive feedback.

During the week there will be an opportunity to visit the enchanting towns of Sansepolcro and Anghiari, to include an optional writing exercise. So, what does all this cost, I hear you ask? This includes accommodation in our restored watermill. There is one double room, with en suite still available in the mill. If you want to see more photos of the inside of our restored watermill, we have our own site: Il Mulino, Rofelle.

And, within walking distance, there is a beautifully appointed guest house, or agriturismo for extra guests. All rooms have en suite. Il Casalone. Our price includes food, drinks and wine, except when we eat out at a local restaurant or pizzeria on two occasions during the week. It includes airport transfer to and from Bologna airport, as long as you arrive before lunchtime on September 11th. If you plan to arrive at a different airport, you will need to sort your own transport. We can advise on this. It does not include your flight or the couple of meals, snacks or drinks when we go out twice during the week.

If you prefer to stay at the mill to write instead, we can leave you food to self-cater. If you are interested in one of our remaining spaces, or have any other queries, please contact me in the comment box below, on private message on Facebook or Twitter or via this email address: petchangela gmail. That old saying has been so true. I was glad of my thick Aran sweater over the last weeks here in Tuscany. I guessed June would come in like a bride and she has. The clouds are now billowing like a puffy dress against a blue sky and the orchids and wildflowers are finally pushing their way up through the tufty grass.

I was a little lazy and asked my orchid experts on Twitter to identify a few, despite my fuzzy photos. Thanks, Jon! I need a better camera, but he came up with Burnt Orchid for the photo on the left and Provence Orchid for the pale flower. I spotted these on a walk high up to 1, metres in the Apennines with my brother and sister-in-law, who chose the worst week, weather-wise, to visit. Always keen to research stories, we drove to an area that saw fierce fighting during WW2: the Coriano and Gemmano ridges.

From 4th to 15th September , the British 8th Army made assaults here along the eastern edge of the Gothic Line.

Matters of the Hart

I could tell Maurice was particularly moved, as his own father might well have been involved. But that generation seldom shared these facts with their children. At Montegridolfo, there is a small museum with a big heart, run by volunteers and it was humbling to read details of this period. We read dozens of various propaganda posters printed by all sides and looked at items found scattered around the countryside. The elderly man who showed us round was only six years-old when it all took off and he shared a couple of personal incidents.

Afterwards, we visited the Commonwealth War Cemetery a few kilometres away. This grave touched me. I wondered who had recently left this photograph next to their Canadian soldier. One week earlier I had visited a delightful gentleman of ninety-nine. He was born in Montebotolino, the tiny hamlet within walking distance admittedly a good workout of where I am writing now, and one of my favourite haunts, as you might know. Bruno is very frail now and I first met him nearly ten years ago when I was on another walk. I came across him pruning his apple trees and after a few minutes of general chitchat, he started to talk to me in English.

And then, out came his story. A fascinating account which I am shamelessly using tweaked and slightly fictionalised in my next Tuscan novel. He is frail now, but he still has a twinkle in his eye. He told me he liked rice pudding during the war in England and he is looking forward to the party the local Comune will lay on for him when he turns one hundred in January. Now, back to writing. Rigorous editing will follow. Ciao for now! It is really cold here in Tuscany at the moment. As I write, I am wearing two jumpers — one of them a thick Aran faithful, plus my cosy socks.

Not many people understand why we live here in the summer and Sussex in winter. When it decides to come, it will be glorious. Here I am, wearing my warm Aran. Snow fell on the Mountain of the Moon last night. We are being warned that our planet is in danger. The world is topsy-turvy and our way of life is having dire effects on climate change, amongst other problems.

At the moment, the radio tells me it is over 20 degrees in Scotland. Here it is 6! I know that before too long, the bees will be buzzing over my lavender and our meadow will brim with butterflies and orchids, but in the meantime, I need to warm up by chatting to somebody else who loves Italy. Welcome back, Daisy James, who has recently published another of her Limoncello novels. Have you visited? Italy is one of my favourite places to visit.

We were lucky enough to take a trip to Florence last summer where we explored the city, all the wonderful little nooks and crannies, and ate some wonderful food too — the gelato is to die for! Whilst we were there, a Hollywood movie was being filmed around the streets and famous monuments which was fun to watch. It was really strange seeing movie directors hanging from helicopters over Il Duomo! Florence has a special place in my heart too, Daisy. But, I never came across Marmite gelato in the 70s.

I spent a year there as part of my university degree, when I was twenty. I lived in a tiny flat with a view over the terracotta tiles, near the station. My next question concerns your writing. I have lots of indie author friends and they are always interested in how people come to be published. How did you get with Canelo? Everyone there is incredibly supportive, friendly and approachable. I was fortunate enough to have it accepted by my wonderful editor there, Louise Cullen, and I have a new series this year — Villa Limoncello which is set in Tuscany — the second of which is due out in June.

What other books have you written and how did you come to writing? Apart from my two series with Canelo, I have standalone novels published by HQStories who were my very first publishers. I wrote throughout my teenage years, but stopped whilst I was at university, then started again when I had my family — just short stories at first. I wonder if you will ever develop that story stashed in the shoe box! Maybe modify it, use some passages for another book?

Us The Duo - No Matter Where You Are

They say you should never throw anything away! There are so many wonderful places — Florence, Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano are all amazing places to spend time and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip there last year. I also love the south of Italy too — I had a fabulous break in Sorrento a while ago, and especially enjoyed the boat trip over to Capri — the views were stunning! However, top of my list for a first timer would have to be Venice. My tip would be to catch the train and arrive at the station, then to simply wander around the streets and soak up the atmosphere rather than rushing from one tourist attraction to the next.

I need to return too. The last time I visited Venice was when I was eleven. But, we are very busy in our six months here with our holiday guests in our converted watermill. This September, we are running a Writing Week for the second time, so time slips away in a flash. The best thing to do would be to mark free weeks at the beginning of the season on our calendar and then take off to explore. Last year, we visited the Abruzzo region.

Wild and beautiful too, but afflicted by earthquakes, unfortunately.

NPR’s Book Concierge

Read, read, read. Write, write, write. Never give up — rejections, although difficult, are part of the journey. I agree with you. Chop, change and restructure afterwards. But, so important. Do you have a picture of where you write?

Notable Features

That is so cute! No internet for distraction? A kettle and mug for tea or coffee? A bottle and opener for celebrating when the writing flows? Before you go, tell us something we would never guess about you!

Native Americans invented lacrosse—and now the modern league is embracing it

Hope to catch up with you soon! A presto and thank you. Mille grazie! Good luck with your books. Here are a few more facts about Daisy and you can click on the links below to see her book. Daisy James is a Yorkshire girl transplanted to the north east of England. She loves writing stories with strong heroines and swift-flowing plotlines. When not scribbling away in her peppermint-and-green summerhouse garden shed , she spends her time sifting flour and sprinkling sugar and edible glitter. She loves gossiping with friends over a glass of something pink and fizzy or indulging in a spot of afternoon tea — china plates and tea cups are a must!

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Summer dreams at Villa Limoncello. Escape to Villa Limoncello… where dreams come true in the most unexpected ways. Izzie Jenkins never expected to find herself living in a gorgeous oasis in Tuscany but when life gives you Villa Limoncello you say thank you and bake treats to celebrate! Too many things to do and not enough time in the day. And when that happens, we get stressed, it clouds our thinking, and we become more stressed as we become less productive because we're not thinking at our best. And then we lose or waste more time!

Module 1. Identify what is productive versus unproductive, and eliminate activities which drain your productivity and time efficiency. Get crystal clear on what your bigger picture and Purpose is in life to help you stay focused and say no to the things that are distractions, one of the biggest causes of time wastage. Module 2. Using a proven and effective system, identify exactly what you want and create a step by step clear action plan to get there. Module 3.

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Struggle with prioritising? Find out the difference between Important tasks and Urgent tasks, and what action step you take with each. Find out what chunking is, and how this simple strategy can save you a shed load of your time every day. Have you ever wondered what is the difference? And in what specific situations you do one or the other?

Redefine what you care about as a responsibility, not a reward.

Follow my simple process and this will become clear. Do you have that one or few dreaded items on your to do list that you detest and avoid like the plague? Is it your friend or foe? I'll reveal the secret to making your daily list work FOR you and not against you, with these simple strategies. With this easy strategy, learn how to work faster and becoming more efficient with your time WITHOUT compromising the quality of your output. Find out what is the most important time of your day and learn a great little exercise to help increase your levels of motivation, and set the tone, and improve your mood and outlook for the day.

Learn why multi-tasking works against you, and what you can do to master the art of single tasking. If you struggle with maintaining focus, then this simple and easy to apply exercise will help you to overcome procrastination and stay on task. I'm a busy career mum like you. I've helped a number of high achieving women in similar positions to work smarter, get more out of your time, increase productivity, sharpen your focus, prioritise better and reduce stress. Sharing and teaching you simple, practical and effective strategies that work to free up your time and help you to live the life that you want to go from surviving to THRIVING.

After you purchase the program, you will receive an email asking you to register your log in details.

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These are the details you will need to access the program each time. Once you've done that, you will be able to log in and get instant access to all the modules and lessons, strategies, information, instructional videos, and downloadable work sheets if you purchased the ALL ACCESS option or you will be drip fed one module a week if you purchased the DRIP FED option in addition to having access to the private Members Only Facebook group for ongoing support.

You get lifetime access so the material will be there waiting for you at any time. So if you are struggling to manage your time effectively, you're constantly time poor, and stress is your constant companion, then you know that what you are doing NOW is not working for you. Which means you need to do something different. In my experience, the problem is often either 1. My program will not only teach you proven and effective time-saving strategies that actually work when applied consistently, but you will also have access to the Facebook support group which will give you that all important ongoing support from me and other program members, and the critical accountability to help keep you on track and get the most out of the program.

Nobody can. We all have different situations at work and at home, and different energy and commitment levels. Having said that, if you follow the strategies from the program and apply them immediately and consistently, you can start seeing the positive effects and changes straight away.

Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1) Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)
Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1) Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)
Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1) Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)
Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1) Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)
Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1) Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)
Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1) Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)
Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1) Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)
Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1) Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)
Stay With Me (When Time Matters Book 1)

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