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Sharing Jesus Is Everything. Read First Chapter. Alternate Images. Total Member Involvement. Todo miembro, involucrado Espanol. Knowing Jesus Is Everything. What the Bible Says About. I think. Why would the enemy attack those who are already lost or those who do not believe? I know, its hard. Fellowship is important, very important but the right people, the right ones. This world is full of evil and lies, it has been so from when the serpent Satan told the first lie to Eve at the tree.

Jesus wants to be first, in all things…meaning, that we cannot lean on man but He wants us to lean on Him. Learn to hear His voice. Get to know Jesus again, if you look at the history of the bible, you will be amazed at how it is so blended together like a tapestry. The script is the exact same script that we have in Isiah, Psalms and Genesis. First, these stories were passed down verbally, then written, thousands of years before the scrolls were found.

No person can do that, only the Lord. Read the gospels, learn of Jesus, pray. Get to know Him as your friend. He loves you, He created you, He made you just as you are, perfect because you are His child. It is the enemy that is giving you fear for your salvation, doubt in your relationship, condemnation to tear you apart.

Recognize it when it happens and just tell it to stop. Fill your mind with the gospels and the Father will do the rest. And He is still working in my life. Looking back, He has given me strength and He will do the same for you. Hi there thinkingofthings, I appreciate your comment and I have to say it is very understandable.

Many thanks stranger. Maybe one day your comments will be as precious as gold in time of need too. Who knows. But you made it very clear. I will keep in mind and move forward as if I have any choice anyhow. Thanks for your time friend. Take care and God bless you too. He is right, you are under attack. Say, the Lord rebuke thee satan, until that miserable enemy flees.

Take your thoughts captive—when the thought comes to commit sexual sin, say Not my will but yours be done Lord—please save me. Perish the thought. Keep praying until you get an answer-if you fall, get up, brush yourself off, and pray again until you get an answer. I promise you it works. Jesus loves you and He is for you. Be blessed brother. We want so we buy. But what we do not realize is that our wanting will never be satisfied.

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Our greed, lust, and gluttony are like black holes. They can never be satisfied with stuff. Only God can fill us up. Each human that was ever born. Knowing this, do you still try to fill that hole with stuff? Has this knowledge caused you to deny yourself? Not an attack, just curious. I believe that the narrow path is difficult and without other narrow pathers to help it is very difficult.

But the burden of working day in with non believers and watching the world fall deeper into deceptions makes it more difficult to move on. I am older, single and a woman, so to not have a safe place to put my head scares me. Believe me, the older a woman gets, if she is single becomes…umm invisible even in the church.

Community living sounds more and more appealing with other believers and to walk around serving others sharing in the Lord. I wonder how it works when one gets much older and needs health care and cannot do their part in the community anymore. How does that work? I love the concept that by selling all and following Jesus, you get much closer to Him! I wish there were communities like what you talk about in the states, I would give them a visit!

I believe that Jesus meant was to give out your heart. You see where your treasure is so is your heart….

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  • Be blessed. I want to sale my nice home sale all my trucks cars boat tools everything that I have worked for and follow god. I know I will be ok. I need some guidance. But i will remember love, love is forever I want to be part of forever. This lesson or would I say admonishing was specific to that rich man.

    Not specific to you as a rich man. But where it becomes a general lesson and warning to every rich man is Jesus statement in Matthew Jesus was willing to give the rich man more than he requested. The rich man never thought of such people let alone render any help. Thus the giver of eternal life knew that the rich man failed so much in that area. Because Jesus already admired him, He decided to offer him eternal life and discipleship.

    No one could work with Jesus as a disciple before His death without having to abandon everything first. The reason why Jesus told the rich man to sell everything, give it to the poor then come back and follow Him was because he wanted to integrate him into His fold, simply make him one of His disciples.

    Thank you. Why in universal church asking people to sell your possession, offer all your money in the bAnk and god will treasure you more than 10X? But how?

    Third Way: Mennonite News

    Our pastor has done sermons on this as well. Question: Who did Jesus expect us to sell everything to? And then, who would they sell everything they have acquired and own to? Would we only sell our things to the poor? Where would all this wealth end up in the end? And what if our enemies buy our stuff from us, including our weapons?

    Could this command from Jesus be a death sentence for Christians? How do we put on our armor if we sold it to our enemies? College taught me from wealth comes taxes. From taxes comes social services. From wealth comes charity, free healthcare, food stamps, etc. Charity and generosity is virtuous. And why is it that those like Jesus who had nothing are the ones asking others to give their stuff away? Would Jesus have been able to eat the bread, drink the wine, had it all been givin away the day before?

    I understand the selling of every thing and giving to the poor. I this days women were taken care of by their husbands, when she was widowed the oldest son took care of her but what if her children were young, why would Jesus require them to leave the fill, they would surley starve and be destitute. Why was it a requirement to leave their children, why was this acceptable?

    Here is my conclusion. When studying the Bible, we should take these facts into account. Remember Jesus though in human form was still God and remains God who is most knowledgeable. He knows every human and that includes their thoughts, deeds in the present or future. This brings me back to the real subject. The rich man had kept all the commandments in verse 18 and 19, except one. He interrupted Jesus while he was yet speaking by saying he kept all those commandments right from his youth.

    But Jesus being God knew this man was extremely rich, his heart was completely attached to it and he was not helping the poor, needy and sick around him with his wealth. It has never been easy to win a rich man to Christ in the days of Jesus and in this present time. There was much work to do on this rich man before he could receive the eternal life he was longing for. Thus There was a need for him to become one of His disciples. At this point Jesus chose this rich man. All the disciples who followed Jesus were once having their own occupation or involved in one business or the other, but once they were initiated into His kingdom, these people were no more running their personal business apart from following Jesus Christ and going about the business of the Gospel.

    Jesus wanted to refine and use the rich man. It was as a result of this He gave him further instructions in Matthew He, the giver of eternal life new that no rich man still having so much wealth in his possession would follow Him without looking back. He knew that no rich man would have accepted to bear the cross if they still had external businesses to think of. Jesus was still in search of disciples.

    Who is Jesus to you?

    He was happy that a rich man could approach Him with the need to receive eternal life and He was ready to give not just eternal life but also make him His disciple which the man rejected due to how attached he was to his earthly riches. There was no coded meaning to what Jesus said in Matthew Jesus literarily wanted the dude to sell everything and follow Him because he wanted to make him fisher of men, He wanted to use him to teach others the heavenly riches.

    Wow, reading these comments is scary and depressing. The darkness is so deep and seemingly impenetrable. Jesus was NOT giving us rules to follow or things to do that would get us into Heaven. He was showing that we are all unrighteous. He was taking the Law and going deeper with it to expose the iniquity of us all. If anyone thought they qualified He would just go deeper until they saw that they did not. It is not those who do enough who will make it to Heaven. It is only those who come to the realization that there are none righteous, no not one and who stop trying to produce something acceptable to God but rather believe in His LIFE alone, that will be saved.

    In the end those who believe will be swallowed up completely in His LIFE and only His righteousness will manifest for eternity. We are not here to perform well enough, we are here to learn only He can. We are here to learn to reject our own lives, our own knowledge of good and evil, our own wills and ideas and to believe in Him alone. You cannot understand what Jesus was doing unless you understand the purpose of the Law of God in the first place. This is very clearly taught in the book of Romans. It was given to them the reveal their unrighteousness.

    It was put in place to expose their sinful nature. NO ONE ever has or ever will follow the commands of God perfectly because it is impossible for anyone but God alone to do. Yes His words are all true. Those who love Him keep His commandments perfectly. What this reveals is that none of us truly love Him. There is only one LIFE that does. It, or HE, is called Jesus Christ. The demands of the Word of God will continue to torment all who are born of Adam until they come to this realization, until they know the truth.

    When they find out the truth they will be made free. Jesus is the end of the Law for all who believe. He is the end of all the righteous demands of God upon the life of Adam. He Himself is the Way and there is no other.

    You Have Jesus—You Have Everything! | Blog

    The way is not to sell your possessions, stop lusting, stop hating, etc. There will always be sin present. The life of Adam is not just a sinner. It is sin itself. They were meant to be. God does not require for us to perform well enough to make it into Heaven. He requires that we believe in the one that He has sent. A person can live their entire life in selfishness and at the end of it come to the realization that there is only one Good and that is Jesus and then die and be saved. Another can live their whole life trying to do enough to make it, living under the deception that Adam can produce something good, and perish when they die.

    They never got their name written down in the only book that matter. The more our eyes are glued to the Cross where He crucified the life of Adam, where He became our unrighteous life and put it to death, the more we can learn to believe in His Life and confess what He HAS accomplished and then and only then will His LIFE start manifesting in us and among us.

    There is just righteousness. This does not mean God does not want to see us loving each other and giving up ourselves for one another. It means that only LIFE can do that. What nearly everyone here is missing is the Gospel. The LIFE we now have is not our own. It is the LIFE seated at the right hand. It can only be laid hold of by faith. We may not see it fully manifesting until we step out of these troublesome vessels but it is now ours none the less. We are not called to be righteous for God. We are made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus through the work of the Cross.

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    Sharing Jesus Is Everything Sharing Jesus Is Everything
    Sharing Jesus Is Everything Sharing Jesus Is Everything
    Sharing Jesus Is Everything Sharing Jesus Is Everything
    Sharing Jesus Is Everything Sharing Jesus Is Everything
    Sharing Jesus Is Everything Sharing Jesus Is Everything

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