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Shall we get a coffee? We've got very little time before our train. Hurry up! Countable and uncountable nouns 2: Grammar test 1. A few and a bit of or a little mean some. Often we feel this amount is enough or more than we expected. We use a few with plural nouns and a bit of or a little with uncountable nouns. I have a few ideas.

I've brought a few friends. There's a bit of milk left.

It needs a little more work. We use few and very little to show that we are talking about a small amount.

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Often we feel this amount is not enough or less than we expected. Few is for countable nouns and very little is for uncountable nouns. Few people came to the meeting. There are few places where you can still see these birds. We have very little time. I have very little money. Note that you can use little without very , but it is less common and sounds quite formal. Identify the stories that will make your application stand out through essays, letters, videos and more.

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Save time with direct answers to all your MBA doubts -- no wasted hours on the web. Strategic re positioning for each B-school to make sure you show real fit.

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Tailored prep for any type of interview, whether blind or non-blind, conducted by alumni or adcom, team-based or on-campus. Access to a network of admitted MBA students ready to help you. Even if you have a good GMAT score and appropriate experience, the essays and letters of recommendation are what need to differentiate you from the other candidates, and this is where Candy becomes essential.

Candy doesn't just correct and edit to improve your English. She has a thorough knowledge of the universities and with all of her experience she knows what they are looking for and what they value. In addition, she makes an effort to get to know you and you really feel that she is adapting her knowledge and job to your specific case; she points out weaknesses to explain and what you need to highlight to make yourself the best possible candidate.

Countable and uncountable nouns 2

And throughout the whole process, which is long, she roots for you. Although it may seem like you have time, setbacks can always arise and having her experience available at any time is a luxury. In my case one of the processes was extended and Candy was consistently available, even on holidays and at night, to make sure I made it on time. I truly recommend working with Candy! Your application will be easier and, above all, better! However, Candy is available to make everything much easier, from analyzing your profile, to selecting schools and preparing all of the material necessary for you to complete your application.

She gets personally involved and provides a great deal of support if you have questions or start to feel defeated. In my case, Candy recommended lines of action that helped me have an application that was able to offset my weaker points. Thanks to this, I felt confident enough to apply for a spot at only one school Cambridge Judge , where I wound up being admitted. From the very beginning, Candy assured me that, both professionally and personally, Cambridge was a good fit for me and vice versa.

In just one hour at the initial consultation, she explained the peculiarities of each school and which would best fit my profile. Then she was able to help me find my high-impact stories and adapt them to each of the applications. Throughout the process, a lot of questions would come to me and they would always have an almost immediate response.

The feeling of having everything under control except for the decision From day one, it was clear that her support and advice would be fundamental. We had our first encounter during an interview so that Candy could learn about why I wanted to get an MBA, my target universities, my strengths and weaknesses, my hobbies, etc. Four days later we were already exchanging emails with draft essays for my first application.

I still remember her first reaction to my first draft — she said it was not enough to make me stand out among thousands of applicants.

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That was a necessary wake-up call. Thanks to her comments, I learned how to build a strong application. In short, Candy knows perfectly the ideal candidate profile that each university is looking for and how to prepare a great application. Candy is serious and hard-working and she always meets deadlines. My experience with Candy was more than positive.

  • Cakes, candy canes and calendars raise thousands for charity;
  • Die Rache des Silberpfeils (German Edition).
  • Three ways to end a sentence.

I got accepted into more than one university and was lucky enough to be able to choose which MBA program I wanted to be a part of. If anyone asks me in the future, I will undoubtedly recommend Candy.

Grammar Candy (Candy School) Grammar Candy (Candy School)
Grammar Candy (Candy School) Grammar Candy (Candy School)
Grammar Candy (Candy School) Grammar Candy (Candy School)
Grammar Candy (Candy School) Grammar Candy (Candy School)
Grammar Candy (Candy School) Grammar Candy (Candy School)
Grammar Candy (Candy School) Grammar Candy (Candy School)

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