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Could it be true that wisdom and strength is to ignore what is ugly, wrong and unfair?

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I thought that I would give it a go and see what it did for my heart. At the beginning it was easy, as all resolutions are. I skipped down spring streets with a new and deliberate blindness to the ills and evils that lie all around us and within us too.

It was as if I had built new viaducts through my head and heart. She knew that I too had been on the receiving end of the radio silence and before I entered the desert, I had told her how much it hurt me. You have to move on sometimes. In the shop where I work, a particularly tricky customer came demanding all sorts of things I could never give her.

She left the shop in a huff. Well exactly. Everyone is dealing with battles, so what gives her the right to be such a witch? Come on. And here, two weeks in, began the slip. The viaducts crumbled. It was as easy to break as it was to begin. And I immediately felt some kind of power come back to me, the power to analyse, assess and in some way to elevate myself as someone who would never say that, do that, be that.

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The old patterns recrystallised, and it seems to me, harder than before. Every day is a battle. And only now do I have any kind of flimsy sense of the temptation that Jesus resisted. A battle of the heart against itself.

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I need a longer Lent. Sponsored picks. If you could build the perfect single malt Scotch distillery from scratch it would probably be fiercely independent [ If you make it to the job interview stage of an application process, the prospect of a new job is very much in [ Latest articles Come back David Cameron, all is forgiven! Beggarstaffs review: simple but striking. For young academics on social media, everything is black and white. More on Articles of Faith New.

Trending exchanges. Engendered Debates. European Theatre. Nations and Identities. Articles of Faith. Prometheus advised his son Deucalion to build a chest When the rains ceased, he sacrificed to Zeus, the God of Escape. Those who survived the flood did jump 9 times and 9 other couples rose up. From the 9 couples that rose, the Lithuanian tribes originated. In this boat were 9 birds and 9 staves. In correspondence with each day of the flood, a bird and a stave were let loose from the boat. On the 9th day, the 9th bird was heard to sing and the 9th stave did strike the bottom.

After the flood was over, the sister gave birth. Unfortunately, a witch cut the baby into pieces where 9 roads met. Along these 9 roads, the nations of the Earth sprang from the slain child's parts. On the 9th day, the man returned and announced the coming of a cataclysmic flood.

Forty Day & Forty Nights

This great flood lasted for the duration of a whole year. He ultimately grew invincable after the 9 sleeps were past. A flood eventually lifted the gourd to the top of a mountain. After the flood was past, the sky then held 9 Suns and 7 Moons. Using a dragon's bow, the children shot down all but a single Sun and Moon. The 2 children then became married and--from their 12 offspring--the various races on Earth originated. Summary It is remarkable that the time track of a cycle of 40 days can be used to very effectively almost perfectly measure and meter out the rate of each passing solar year.

Currently, the track of a cycle of 40 days can be used to determine the epoch of the annual transit to within the average limits of only 2 seconds per year. The cited measure of the annual transit only requires keeping a tally of one day in each cycle of 40 days.

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The result of subtracting 40th days from out of the time stream is a fixed calendar count of days in correspondence with every cycle of 9 years. A fixed count of days in association with the passage of 9 solar circles requires that the intercalation each 40th day be continued in perpetuity. The cited count of 40 days must never be preempted or be broken. Essentially, the respective cycle of 40 days must here be interpreted to be primary and independent from the confines of the annual circle.

Of additional significance concerning the track of 40 days is that some early cultures appear to have attributed religious significance to this respective time span. To the princes of Egypt, adherence to this respective cycle was probably believed to mirror a lifestyle that was lived by the gods. Among ancient Hebrews and early Christians, a cycle of 40 days was probably not held in the same religious regard.

Even so, the passage of this respective time cycle was given a certain amount of very serious consideration.

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Primal or original Christians did probably routinely fast on the 40th days. By the 4th century, a day fast was widely practiced. This custom of fasting for 40 days Lent continues to be practiced by a segment of modern Christians. According to Biblical and related sources, YHVH commanded the Israelites to track and celebrate a jubilee calendar as a condition of living in the promised land. Even though early adherence to a jubilee calendar appears to be indicated, the Israelites were seemingly also aware of the cited calendar system of counting 40 days.

The Genesis record--in dating the epoch of the flood--is just short of being explicit in showing that a calendar predicated upon a track of 40 days did originate with the epoch of creation. Returning to more of the astronomical significance of time tracking a day cycle, each passing solar year can effectively almost perfectly be measured and metered out by simply counting solar days--as cited.

In this modern era, the epoch of each passing solar year can inherently be determined to within the limits of 2 second on average. Because Earth's spin appears to be slowing down by a tiny amount with each passing century, it can be recognized that the track of a day cycle could have been used to exactly perfectly! The era when the solar year could have been perfectly measured and metered out using a track of 40 days was probably within very recent centuries.

As is detailed above, a calendar count of 40 days is significant in the regard that a perfect solar calendar a 9-year calendar is the inherent result of intercalating each and every 40th day from out of the time stream. This respective calendar appears to also be significant for interpreting certain passages of Bible text. The early use of a calendar count of 40 days can be recited from a number of the verses.

It is here of significance that the author of Genesis appears to have interpreted or understood that the creation of Adam coincided with the very first day and first year of the cited solar calendar. Because a calendar system predicated upon a time track of 9 years appears to have been within the knowledge of those author-priests who preserved the writings of the Bible--it then seems very probable that other events recorded in the Bible including some of the prophecies may be keyed to the chronology of the stated Genesis calendar.

Why track 40th days? It should be clear from the calendar diagram presented that each passing solar year can very effectively be measured and metered out in correspondence with a number of days but only as long as 40th days are not counted or leaped among the calendar days. It is here significant that the modern rate of solar year which is An annual difference of only 2 seconds per year is the inherent result of tracking 40th days separately from the time stream--as a perpetual rate. An anciently tracked time cycle Biblical and miscellaneous sources somewhat graphically describe that a cycle of 40 days was time tracked among the ancients.

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The calendar term "40 days and 40 nights" is again recorded in the book of Deuteronomy, where Moses wrote: "And I stayed in the mount It here seems pertinent to note that the ancients would probably have understood the "epoch day" or the "beginning day" of a cycle of 40 days to be special or unique--as is further shown below. A time span of 40 days can further be recited from the book of Genesis.

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This instance is in reference to a formal process for embalming the Egyptian dead refer to Genesis The following other instances of the usage of a time cycle of "40 days", or "40 days and 40 nights", can be recited from various passages of the Bible--as follows: According to certain precepts recorded in Chapter 12 of the book of Leviticus, a woman who had given birth to a male child was to endure a period of 40 days in her purfication.

However, a woman who had given birth to a female child was to endure a period of 80 days in her purification. In the book of Numbers, the Israelites are shown to have first searched the promised land Canaan for a duration of 40 days refer to 13 and According to the book of 1 Kings, the prophet Elijah fasted for 40 days and 40 nights during his journey to the mountain of God refer to A superstitious regard for this respective time cycle 40 days appears to have also been held among others of the prophets.

For example, the prophet Jonah warned: "Yet 40 days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown" refer to Jonah Primal Christians can also be recited to have held special regard for a time span of 40 days.

Forty Days Forty Days
Forty Days Forty Days
Forty Days Forty Days
Forty Days Forty Days
Forty Days Forty Days
Forty Days Forty Days
Forty Days Forty Days

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