Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3)

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PREX 3 is the 16th mix to be released 7th internationally. One is accompanied by beautiful sounds that give boost of spirit! The picture is a constantly repeating short video clip. The tracks have mobile, interactive obstacles dogs, people, vehicles and they react to what your car does.

Over the levels you collect improvements for your tank which add the ability to hover, or move underwater. Slot machine game. The game play involves solving puzzles against the clock and involves strategy and quick reactions with arcade elements. Repton has to retrieve diamonds from mazes of rocks, earth and diamonds. There are eggs that hatch into monsters, blind spirits that follow the walls, fungus that grows slowly blocking your path, time pills that extend you time, time bombs and golden crowns to be collected and transporters that take you to new destinations.

A friend from the past visits briefly; there is a superficial e-mail exchange with a local girl, but by and large, Rhiannon is alone. Which is probably why parents Malcolm and Jen put their only child's increasingly wayward stories of unexplained noises and sightings down to a lack of stimulation and a consequently overactive imagination. It's a funny game for all ages.

Riff Racer is a high-octane music based racing game where we create racetracks from the songs in your music library. It is in a flash player shell and has XML level files that can probably be edited. Set in - one year prior to the events of the original S. The game consists of several smaller games.

There are various classics pack available. PC port of the vita game. It is voiced and characters return from previous games. Released on PC in August One player assumes the role of storyteller, and the other controls the protagonist. The storyteller have access to many different tools for creating the scene to create both graphics and music. There is no AI in the game, everything is up to the storyteller. You can play as Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Eggman, Rouge, Knuckles with completely unique gameplay keeping you interested in the game until the end. This excellent computer implementation is faithful to the original, allowing the player to take control of elite Terminator squads who fight with the genestealer threat on gigantic, derelict space ships.

Journey deep underground and explore fantastic places filled with all manner of monsters, traps, and treasure. You'll have complete freedom while you navigate the fully-destructible environments and master their many secrets. To stay or flee, to kill or rescue, to shop or steal Side with heroes like Wolverine or villains like Venom, depending on your actions. Apparently a Russian candidate for president was assassinated read: shot while giving a public speech. Can you uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest level of government both US and Russia?

Build mighty war fleets and send them into battle or lead them into combat yourself. Become the Warlord and conquer the Gemini system! It's part of the Science Adventure series, and is a follow-up to Steins;Gate One such ship is the Aurora. After a mysterious blast hits the Aurora it careens to the planet with only one life pod ejecting. You are the explorer in that life pod. This game named of the same name of Dmitry Emets book serial. Girls Can be Pervy Too!

English version is available on Nutaku's website. Point and click, 2. Released in by indie developer locomalito. I just love the game and I'd like to play with wine! Includes audio, video, and interactive portions as well as the digital book itself. The sequel to The Fool's Errand. Explore, craft and build everything necessary.

The forest is a game you end up in a forest due to a plane crash. You have to build and defend, there are cannibals around the island hunting you I offers a Click and Play experience making it much easier for people who are not familiar with emulators. Your goal is to loot as many coins as possible by attacking other player's castles. Then you can make your own castle more deffensible. So what you say? Do you want to become the mighty, fearless king This choice is up to you.

Children older than ten will be bored by this. These are all simple two-dimensional games that are played with only a mouse, for example, click on the bugs falling out of the sky. Reading skills are not required. While the games do not require a high level of dexterity, there is some challenge, particularly in performing well enough to unlock the next level.

There is little, if any, educational value to this package, but it can be a fun distraction. The Stomping Land pits man against his greatest enemy; the dinosaur. Players take the role of a hunter on Wayneth Island teeming with dinosaurs. Explore and survive or get eaten. Good graphics and sound. Excellent playability. Take the place as a driver for the British Touring Car Championship.

The game was released for Windows on October 27, More speed! It can be played with up to 4 human players and many computer players. Each player belongs to a team or is independent. They are armed with extremely hard attacks, but she can cheat; she has items, each with their own abilities. Use these items, get all the nicknames, and aim for the top! Combining this expansion with an installation of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody allows for the use of additional Touhou characters within the new expansion.

It features four player characters and a brand new system for practicing stages. The game was released on June 23, one day before the film's release.

Your score is based on your time to finish a course, your number of crashes, as well as other factors on certain specialty courses. Your score is then placed on a global leader board. Trinus VR uses the display and sensors of your own phone to transform it into a portal to your PC games. Live your PC games in virtual reality today. Based on the comic book serie of the same name by Mark Bagley. Bison's Dolls, who makes her first playable appearance in the series. NET based emulator for the popular Clash of Clans mobile game. Become one with the Machine as you lead the last vestiges of humanity back from the brink of oblivion in a post apocalyptic Earth ravaged by war and plague.

You pay a subscription fee and stream games to your computer. My ex bought a subscription for the kids, but I haven't had the pleasure of running it myself to give a first hand description due to not having a Windows computer to put it on. It was made on the engine for Touhou Mountain of Faith, and it features many alcohol references. It offers interactive sex, character creation and the recording of your own movie. Interplay worked with a team of physicists and professional pool players to bring Virtual Pool to life and provide the highest degree of accuracy.

Balls roll, skid, collide and move on a beautifully rendered pool table that mirrors reality. Ships take turns firing warheads around the solar system. Customize your weps to increase playability. See a demo: search google video for WarheadsSE Commercial and download the shareware version from www. The game takes place in the fictional English city of Wellington Wells, a dystopian retrofuturistic-fashioned society formed following an alternate timeline of events within World War II, which is now on the verge of collapse in the mid s. The residents of the city, seeking to forget an unspeakable horror they committed, began taking a hallucinogenic drug called "Joy" that makes them happy, but also leaves them easily controlled and lacking morality and understanding of the long-term consequences of their actions.

Players will control one of three characters in the full release, who becomes dubbed as a "Downer" after choosing to stop using Joy, and must try to survive long enough to complete something important and personal to themselves, all while trying to escape the city before the impending social collapse. You guide a frog-like animal through forests and help him to collect grubs and fight evil bugs.

The Game is about building a Zoo, caring about the Animals and making your Zoo profitable. Keeps all your WildTangent games in one place for ease of acces. Can install and remove the games from your computer using this software. In a line, is the most complete fighting game of the world. Added a lot of new levels. As game progresses, you encounter people smuggling, secret societies and more murders. Everything including the Member Plus team is taken from the defunct lobbies. It was released for Microsoft Windows on September 17, The game is old abandonware again sold via Steam.

Windows version. It's your goal to not only eliminate senpai's potential love interests, but to do so while maintaining you image to not only other students, but your senpai as well. Noid, made for the New Jam City game jam in one month. Instead you have to carefully plan at which points the boosters of the spaceship have to be engaged or disengaged. The Zu Mountain ranges in Sichuan, China are famous for their lofty crags and jagged peaks. There are many legends in these parts. One of these is about immortals possessing supernatural powers.

They fly on their swords, chasing the wind and the stars. They tune their minds and bodies in search of the eternal truths of the universe so that Man and Nature can be one. Privacy Policy If you have a privacy inquiry regarding this site, please write to privacy winehq. Action Games. Card, Puzzle and Board Games.

Fun stuff. Game Tools. Open World. Role Playing Games. Simulation Games. Sports Games. Strategy Games. Walking Simulator. Pathologic Utopia is a Survival game with Roleplaying elements. Ultimate among the Color Lines-like 3D games. This smashing real. Native Windows poker client. A City Sleeps. A Hat in Time. This platform game resembles other famous console games like Mario64 and Banjo and Kazooie.

A Story About My Uncle. A Valley Without Wind. A Valley Without Wind is a 2D sidescrolling Metroidvania style game with a strong emphasis on exploring a procedurally generated world. Sequel to the A. Abashera revamped. Abra Academy: Returning Cast. Acceleration Of Suguri. Ace of Spades. Ace of Spades is a team based first person shooter with retro graphics, sandbox building, physics, and open ended strategy based victory.

Across Lite. Action Ball 2. Adobe Flash Player Projector. AdVenture Communist. Aerosoft Launcher. Aerosoft Launcher is an application who you can activate your game from Aerosoft, etc. AGON is a graphic adventure project of 14 episodies. Airforce Commander.

Airport Inc. Alan Wake. Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Alien 8. Wake up the spaceship's cryonauts before the ship reaches it's destiny, or it will be too late! Alien Swarm. Alien: Isolation. Amanda the chatterbot. Amazon Quest. Analogue: A Hate Story. Analogue: A Hate Story is a visual-novel. Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender.

Aqua Pop. Army Men Toys In Space. Art is Dead. Artic Quest 2. An inlay puzzle with pretty graphics. Assassin's Creed II. Assassin's Creed Syndicate. The game is a successor of Assassin's Creed Unity. Atomic Cannon. A game similar to the classic Scorched Earth but with enhanced graphics, sound, and a plethora of unique weapons. Attack of the Mutant Camels.

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Yet another John Dow Special! Llamas are being provided by Graham and John Blythe who apparently keep a small Llama stud farm in the Clubhouse garden. Audiosurf 2. Audition Dance Battle Game. Avernum 6. Avernum 6 is a fantasy RPG, and the final episode in the Avernum series. Aztaka is a beautiful action RPG 2D side-scrolling video game. An medieval daughter simulator, where you are her father and need to watch over her, sending her to work, school magic, art, etc and to meet people.

Bad Piggies. Bad Piggies, Rovio's buzzworthy follow-up to Angry Birds, will probably not appeal to the same casual gaming crowd that's addicted to catapulting birds, but it's a very good game in other ways. Bagger Simulator Barbie as Sleeping Beauty. Barbie Mermaid Adventure. Colorful, graphical, music exploration of an undersea world with mermaid Barbie, on a search for the rainbow dolphins.

Battle Chaser: Nightwar. Battle Chess. Battle Chess is a 3D chess game where the pieces come to life when moving and battle each other when capturing. Battlefield Heroes. Beach Volleyball. Beat Hazard. Bejeweled Twist. Bejeweled Twist is the Latest version of Bejeweled and it brings brand new gameplay elements never seen before in the series. Ben and Ed.

Ben and Ed is a game about a boy who founds the first undead of the world. Bermuda Syndrome. Best of Slots II. Slot machines, pick from a list of machines. Big Brain Wolf. Big Fun Funk-Flitzer. Billy Bob Adventure. Binary Domain. BlazBlue Centralfiction Steam. BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. BlockBall Evolution. Go with a ball through various Levels and collect diamonts on the hunting for the Highscore. Bloody Trapland. A casual game where you connect water pipes to make flowers grow so you can collect money to add features to a house.

Bloons TD Battles. Go head to head with other players in a Bloon-popping battle for victory. Blue Eye Macro. Blueberry Garden. Bomberman World Online. Boulder Remake. Bowling Evolution. Brave Dwarves II. Brixout XP. Bubble Thriller. Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back. Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy. Build-a-lot 2. More real estate development fun, now with parks, shops and home owner satisfaction ratings. Build-a-lot Power Source. Bullet Candy. Burning Gears. Basically, it is a 3D racing game, Grand Turismo alike. Busou Shinki.

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2. Cake Mania. Cake Mania 2. Cake Mania 4. Cake Shop. Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Call of Juarez: The Cartel is a first-person shooter video game developed by Techland. Carmageddon Splat Pack. Official Carmageddon expansion pack - new cars, new racers, new tracks and litres of blood Carmageddon: Max Damage. Case: Animatronics. In Case: Animatronics, you play as detective Bishop, as things go wrong in the police station you are working at, as you are hunted down by killer animatronics.

Castle in the Darkness. A retro hardcore platformer you die once you restart from the beginning with lots of enemies. Cat Mario. Catlateral Damage. Catlateral Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat on a rampage, knocking as much stuff onto the ground as possible. CC Breakout. A simple Breakout clone that was once distributed at the now-defunct Crossing Central forums.


Celebrity Deathmatch. Championship Manager That stupid colored small beasts want to die in a dark cavern. Chase the Enemy. Short game in which you much click the "enemy" a clown and keep it from the sides of the window, the more you click the faster the clown moves. Chef's Luv Shack. Chess Mates. In my own words: This is a chess games database program that is also capable of exporting chess diagrams as image files that can then be used in publishing chess books.

Fionna and Cake and Fionna

Chicken Invaders 4 : Ultimate Omlette. It's a space-shooter game, where you have to shoots the alien invaders, that are chickens. Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients. Seek out new ingredients and new recipies, create and sell chocolates to build your chocolate empire! Chocolatier: Decadence by Design. Christmas Shopper Simulator 2. Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch. Chuzzle Deluxe. Cities Online beta. Clever - Das Spiel das Wissen schafft! Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Clue Classic. Cogmind is a sci-fi roguelike epic in which you play a robot building yourself from components found or salvaged from other robots. A Next-Gen like arcade rally simulator with extreme hardware requirements and really amazing graphics Combat Flight Simulator 3. The latest in the CFS series, and with an all new graphics engine!

Consortium: The Tower. Contagion is a cooperative survival horror FPS where players are forced to watch their ammo and aim. Corpse Party pc. Cosmic Rift. Counter-Strike 2D. Creative Destruction. Crusaders of the Lost Idols. An idle game developed by Codename Entertainment. CSI - 3 Dimensions of Murder. Only then will you be able to make an arrest and resolve the case. Cube Master Gold. Czech Soccer Manager Fe.

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  5. Da Capo. Da Capo is a visual novel released by Circus in and translated into english by MangaGamer in In this game you will discover the secret of the great Leonardo da Vinci and a legendary shrine, the Holy Grail. Dead Cells. Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, metroidvania action-platformer. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Death to Spies. Death to Spies: Moment of Truth. Defense Grid: The Awakening. Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire.

    Democracy 3. The game that started the series, Descent. Deus Machina Demonbane Zanmataisei Demonbane. Devil May Cry 4. Explore the dark alleys of Harbor Prime and a host of diverse locations in both physical reality and the wild reaches of cyberspace. Die Gilde -Gold Edition-. A Game where you have to live your life in a medieaval City for example: Nuernberg, Germany. Diner Dash. Diner Dash Flo on the go.

    Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue. Join Flo as she helps four restaurants defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Diner Dash Hometown Hero. Dishonored 2. Disney Infinity 3. Disney's Planes. Divine Souls. DmC: Devil May Cry. DmC: Devil May Cry is a hack and slash beat 'em up game in which you play a demon killer. Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors. The Master holds the seven incarnations of the Doctor as prisoners in a vast combat arena.

    Dogfights is a show featured on the history channel and this is the free game available from their website. Dominique Pamplemousse. DOOM DooM is a reboot of the genre-defining shooter, DooM. Dora The Explorer, Carnival Adventure. Learning adventures for very young children with Dora the Explorer, the famous Latin heroine. DotA 2. Double Kick Heroes. Doushin: Same Heart. Dragomon Hunter. Dragon Ball FighterZ. Dragonball Xenoverse 2. Drawn The Painted Tower. Adventure game in which you have to solve puzzles to get to the top of the tower to save Iris.

    Dream Pinball 3D. Dream Pinball 3D is a pinball simulation game. Dual Snake. Dungeon Defenders II. In DX-Ball you try to keep the constantly moving ball from going to bottom of screen, which when failed to do leads to losing a so-called life, known as board in the game. DX-Ball 2. DX-Ball 2 is next release for very good DX-Ball series, with more different levels and better graphics.

    Dynasty Warriors 6. Easter Bunny. The bunny goes to a huge family party, and on his way he should collect as many easter eggs as possible. Eldritch is a first-person roguelike inspired by the work of H. Elf Bowling 2. Enter the Gungeon. Enviro-Bear Operation: Hibernation. A freeware game involving a one-armed bear driving around to collect fruit and berries to eat before winter arrives. Epic Games Launcher. Ethan: Meteor Hunter. Ether Saga Online. Eversion is a cute-looking side-scrolling platformer with simple controls and a terrible secret being unveiled as the player progresses.

    Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles. Evochron Legends. F Multirole Fighter. Fallout 3. Fallout 4. Fallout: New Vegas. Family Feud. Farm Frenzy. Fatale: Exploring Salome. Fate Axis. Football Challenge '08 is a free PC game, where football fans can play matches against other teams online. Feeding Frenzy. It's survival of the biggest in this action-packed deep-sea challenge.

    Fiesta Online. FIFA Fifa football Finding Teddy 2. Five Nights at Freddy's. Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where kids and parents alike come for entertainment and food as far as the eye can see! Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed its doors, the events that took place there have become nothing more than a rumor and a childhood memory, but the owners of "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction" are determined to revive the legend and make the experience as authentic as possible for patrons, going to great lengths to find anything that might have survived decades of neglect and ruin.

    Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. Flame Over. Flame Over is a fire fighting action game with randomly generated levels, blending Twin Stick Shooter and Roguelike design principles. Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. Flip Or Flop: Home Edition. FM Genie Scout FMRTE Football challenge This a great football game, in 3D, which works perfectly in wine.

    For The King. Fortix 2. Fortress Forever. FortressCraft Evolved. Minecraft Clone. Unity3D engine. Free Realms. Galaxy of Games III. Gang Garrison 2. Garry's Mod. Garry's Mod is a sandbox mod for the Source Engine. Gearhead Garage. GeForce NOW. Genital Jousting. Geometry Dash. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Global Agenda Live. Gold Monkey. The core concept of Goliath is that you get to play as one of a team of 16 players controlling Mad Max style road warrior vehicles against a gigantic seemingly invincible Battle Tank known as Goliath. GooseGogs is a brandnew, award-winning jump 'n run game developed by Frederic Schimmelpfennig.

    Granny In Paradise. Grief Syndrome. A doujin game by Twilight Frontier also known as Tasofro which was released at Comiket 80 on August 13, Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol. Strange creature use various mechanic tools for completing levels removing objects from them avoiding various evemies. A fast-paced 2. A fast-paced 2D-like fighter with 3D characters instead of sprite based ones. Hacker Evolution: Untold. Half-Life Rally. Happy Feet. Happyland Adventures.

    This is a very enjoyable and well made platform game. Harvest - Massive Encounter. Heart of Tibet. The mysterious Heart of Tibet is rumoured to have magical qualities, and the SingSong monks and their allies are determined to protect it at all costs. Her Story. Her Story is a FMV game that revolves around a database filled with videofootage in which a woman is interviewed about her missing husband.

    Heroes of Hammerwatch. Heroes of Hammerwatch is a Hack'n'Slash game with generated dungeons, tons of items, skills and with persistent heroes, for single or cooperative play. Heroes of the Pacific. Hidden Expedition - Titanic. Higurashi When They Cry is a sound novel. Holy Potatoes! Home Sweet Home. Christmas spirit has faded away in the town of Good Tidings! You can design rooms in an infinite number of ways because YOU pick the.

    Hong Kong Mahjong. This is probably the best hong kong mahjong game available for the PC. Hot Wheels: Micro Racers. Hot Wheels: Micro Racers is a racing game where you control miniature cars through 3 levels. Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver. Stunt Track Driver is a game in which you race different cars through different tracks located throughout a house. Hotel Giant. Hotline Miami. Hugo Classic 1. This game is one of the best arkanoid-like games. I am Bread. I Wanna Be The Fangame. A fangame based on the ever-masochistic "I Wanna Be The Guy" by Kayin, I wanna be the Fangame delivers a slew of new and interesting puzzles, challenges and bosses for players to test their skill and patience against.

    Ikachan is a short adventure game in which you, a squid named Ikachan, meet and help other sea creatures in an underwater cave. Infinite Crisis. Insanity Clicker. The acumen game. InstantAction is a platform for playing multiplayer 3D games within popular web browsers. An addictive indie arcade shooter. Interact Play VR. Inversion is a third person shooter by Saber Interactive, published by Namco Bandai, with gravity manipulation and destructive environment. Iron Fisticle. Downloader and front-end for games distributed by iWin. Jack and the Beanstalk.

    From Golden Books, Jack and the Beanstalk comes to life for children. Jail Break. A casual game with less than perfect English in which you move from one room to the next while collecting keys and avoiding guards. Janitor Dan the Spaceman. Jardinains 2! John Deere American Farmer Deluxe. John Tiller's Campaign Series. Jumper Redux. Just Dance Kart n' crazy. Kentucky Route Zero. Killer Instinct.

    Kitty Luv. Knightmare Tower. Break through ceilings, rescue princesses and escape boiling lava as you slash your way to the top of the Knightmare Tower! Knives Out. Koihime Musou Mangagamer Translation. Sci-fi shooter that lets players assume the role of a genetically enhanced soldier on a spaceship that gets sucked into a black hole.

    Kuck Fury: Street Rage. Kung Fury is a growd-funded YouTube movie highly inspired by the 80s, whose game follows the same retro path and thus appears like the classic, addictive arcade game. A life simulation where you can advance your relationships with friends, your knowledge and your career.

    Lauras Sternenreise. League of Legends Garena.


    Leapster Connect for Explorer. Legend of Kay Anniversary. Legends of Norrath. Lego Rock Raiders. A Lego Sci-Fi Real time strategy game. Lethal League. A fighting game where up to four players play against each other or two vs two to hit a ball, which increases speed at each hit, at each other, until one player fails to hit the ball, and gets hit by it. Life is Feudal: Your Own. Liquid War. Lone Survivor. A very well made side scrolling survival horror in which every decision impacts on the story in an unpredictable way. Lords of the Fallen. Lords of the Fallen is an action role-playing video game in which players journey through mysterious, large interconnected environments, battling beastly, disfigured enemies, including bosses using melee weapons, such as axes and hammers.

    Lose Your Marbles. Puzzle game developed and released by SegaSoft that plays in the tradition of Tetris and Dr. Lunatic Rave 2. Lunatic Rave 2 is a simulator of the popular Beatmania series made by Konami for arcade machines and home consoles. Set out on an adventure in the Egyptian land of puzzles. Luxor 2. Luxor 3. Luxor 4 Quest For The Afterlife.

    Lylian: Episode One - Paranoid Friendship. Mad Dog McCree. Mafia III. Magic Ball 2 - New Worlds. Magic Set Editor. Malody is a music or rhythm game community, consists of a cross-platform game client, with a full-featured chart editor and also an online player ranking system. Children game for the age of Marble Blast Gold.

    Done, done and done. I think we got there. Gerald Darnell submitted Dead End designed by self. Gerald Darnell submitted Justifiable Homicide designed by self. Horton Prather submitted Threat designed by Horton Prather. The knife with Nazi emblem on the hilt provides some hint of the story. Hughes submitted Northman designed by Jonathan S. Both of them have my admiration!

    Data Protection Choices

    This is the original cover design. Simplicity is working because the carvings are mysterious and the whole scene is pregnant with story. JF: Stylish and a little scary. James Duprie submitted Deeds of the Kind designed by Annoula. Jennifer S. Instead an artist cut the shape out of thick paper and reworked it digitally to create a slightly evil effect. You do realize that at most sizes the subtitle is unreadable. That feel needed to come through the cover.

    The cover was inspired by all of us who develop preconceived notions of people but ultimately are proven wrong. Not too crazy about the line of type that completes the title, it looks a bit like an afterthought. This is my first and only book cover design. Your site has helped me a great deal in getting my two novels self-published. I wanted a visual for the reader with a noose to accentuate the harness of the times. Police cars in Placerville, Hangtown today, had nooses on them until early in this century.

    Its cover is based on an original oil painting, a surreal image of a tree composed of oars and an inner tube, suggesting the flimsy rafts used by Cubans in their perilous crossing of the Florida Straits. The design of the cover was to show off the area and introduce the cubs Peter and Penny in a family portrait with mama P. Kelly Miller submitted Splintered designed by Ida Jansson.

    These are stylish with a hint of mystery, leaning into their paranormal stories. Now I know what Tawodi looked like as a young man. The title looks more like a nameplate. Her necklace holds a curse placed by mysterious underground sorcerer prince. Yet without jumping into bed. And recapturing lost childhood dreams. The genre is contemporary romance.

    JF: A captivating cover that looks like it was designed for print. Bringing the elements of spring and love to the cover was key. Overprinting might have been a better solution, but overall it really does the job well. I asked her to remain visually consistent with the first cover, which featured the same temple and a girl in silhouette. The lettering also serves to highlight that this book is a comedy. I love it! Try hiring one of the many excellent designers whose work is shown here. JF: Workable. I thought that the most obvious material would be a leather bound book, with embossing.

    He made the covers for all my Glimmer Vale books, and I think this is his best one to date. Rising from my drool-stained desk the next morning, I discovered this completed design on my screen. Mike Cook submitted Scorpions designed by Mike Cook. After teaching high school art for fifteen years I felt kind of obligated to do the work myself, a no-brainer. JF: An excellent cover for this Civil War-era historical novel, with polish and economy. The dragon is presented as a singularly featured character of clear importance protagonist , and in a style animation that appeals to the target audience Upper MG.

    The background is both symbolic and artistic to the story. The singularly featured character as with Book One follows the chosen pattern of featuring an important character introduced in the book. The background continues the artistic choice of Book One, transitioning from night to dawn. I wanted it to appeal to YA fantasy readers and fit in with the style that is common in that genre. I wanted it to appear professional, not scream self-published. JF: An effective design with strong typography, although I wish the image of the woman integrated with the scene better. I am very pleased with the results.

    I hope to have intrigued the readers mind enough to have captured this with the image which I have created. Rick Holland submitted Travelling designed by Vision Press. This cover portrays the desolation that comes after losing the one you love most. JF: Okay, wow. But hey, I love dogs! I was thrilled with the design and the incorporation of colors. Ron Sacdalan submitted Bots, Come! The style is right, but not sure the image will communicate what you intended. The intent is to convey the inherent institutionalized violence that can come from within. Classy title treatment.

    JF: Every time travel book has to have that image of a clock somewhere, right? Paul is holding on for dear life. Campbell Williams. The covers are specific to the female characters in my saga. Roberts submitted Fairalon designed by T. It can be viewed on the website, but the front image stands alone. Magical fantasy. Nice drawing. JF: Incomprehensible. People seem to really love the cover! With the help of local artist, Lauren Henry, I think we captured the spirit of my old time Myrtle Beach mysteries. Looks like a school project.

    He is mulatto. She is exotic, half-Egyptian, half-Spanish. So the two are of African descent, but very different. Also, the cover needed to project an air of protection and love, critical themes for the romance and the suspense. The controlled color palette helps to heighten the affect of the illustration. JF: Nope. What does that have to do with anything? JF: Spooky and threatening, just right, and the title treatment heightens the effect by playing off it. It is the first book in a series of dark urban fantasy.

    The letter represents a journal entry kept by the young man while deployed. The fox is happy for the pranks he made to his friends but, the sheep, the panda bear, and the pony are shown crying and suffering. I wanted the cover to make this clear and I think that designer Tom Crowe, photographer Tom Repetny and model Pat Clark have achieved this brilliantly. Many thanks in advance. JF: The flower probably represents innocence, but this is a dark cover for what might be a hopeful guide. The use of at least 3 different type treatments in the 6 word title is bothersome. Dani Harris submitted Knowledge is Power what everyone should know about the police designed by Ann Wiley.

    This scene is what police shooting scene would look like.

    HCF Comic Review - Football Crazy: Part Two | Horror Cult Films

    Since I believe that there is a lack of understanding, the title is very fitting to promote information. It is meant to empower. The author wanted gravitas and hope.

    Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3) Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3)
    Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3) Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3)
    Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3) Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3)
    Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3) Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3)
    Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3) Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3)
    Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3) Football Crazy: Blades Part One (Surreal Murder Mystery Book 3)

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