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Colorful doodle dinosaurs and words pattern freepik Flat t-rex background pikisuperstar 26 5. Dinosaurs hatching eggs on white background illustration brgfx 1k A dinosaur and egg brgfx 1k Flat dinosaur pattern freepik 74 9. Cute dinos pattern freepik 2k Cute dinosaurs set freepik 17k Hand drawn dinosaur collection freepik Flat dinosaur pattern freepik 82 Happy dinosaur hatching egg brgfx Dinosaur matching shadow game template brgfx Hand drawn dinosaur pattern freepik 73 Flat dinosaur collection freepik 16 8.

Flat dinosaur collection freepik 33 6. Flat dinosaur pattern freepik 25 8. Dinosaur pattern freepik 24 6. Hand drawn dinosaur pattern freepik 57 Riley Black, from Smithsonian Magazine , points out that the first naturalist to discover and describe dinosaur eggshells was, in fact, the Roman Catholic priest Jean-Jacques Pouech.

Father Pouech was the head of Pamiers Seminary in southern France, but in his free time he explored the geology and paleontology of the Late Cretaceous rock preserved in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. Father Pouech first published his findings in an report that spoke of the eggs. Black provided a passage from this report for Smithsonian :.

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The most remarkable are eggshell fragments of very great dimensions. At first, I thought that they could be integumentary plates of reptiles, but their constant thickness between two perfectly parallel surfaces, their fibrous structure, normal to the surfaces, and especially their regular curvature, definitely suggest that they are enormous eggshells, at least four times the volume of ostrich eggs.

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It is fitting that he would compare these oversized eggs to those of ostrich eggs, which are many times the size of a chicken egg, as the French priest hypothesized that the eggs came from very large birds. With over years of fossil discovery and study, Buffetaut and Le Loeuff determined that it was dinosaurs, rather than birds, that laid the enormous eggs.

Now, however, in the 21st century, Wikipedia gives credit where credit is due: to Father Jean-Jacques Pouech is listed as the person who first discovered dinosaur eggs. Our team proves its mission every day by providing high-quality content that informs and inspires a Christian life.

Dinosaur DISCOVERY: Cluster of rare 66 million-year-old dinosaur eggs found by students

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Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg

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