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And on the coffin was written a verse in letters of red lead. The characters had an ugly appearance: "The home for every warrior.

German Films Poster Collection :: Occupied Paris

Completely ensnared by the fatherland rewarded by the fatherland with a coffin The home for every warrior! Thus they went through Potsdam for the man of the Chemin des Dames Then the order police came and beat them to a pulp. Argonnerwald, um Mitternacht, Ein Pionier stand auf der Wacht. Und mit dem Spaten in der Hand, Er vorne in der Sappe stand. Mit Sehnsucht denkt er an sein Lieb', Ob er es wohl noch einmal wiedersieht.

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Und ob er auch so stark mag sein, In uns're Stellung kommt er doch nocht 'rein. Der Sturm bricht los! Die Mine kracht! Argonnerwald, Argonnerwald, Ein stiller Friedhof wirst du bald. August Halten fest zusammen, Wir weichen nicht, wir kennen uns're Pflicht! Wenn nur der Sieg uns winkt!

Doch welch ein Kampf?

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Nichts anders kennen wir! Der listige Feind! Es ruhen in diesem Grabe vier, Nimm auf sie Herr zu Dir. Sie sind vom Leibregiment, Das weder Furcht noch Feigheit kennt. Sie taten treulich ihre Pflicht Und scheuten die Gefahren nicht. Auf einem ans Kreuz gelehnten Brettchen einer Zigarrenkiste stand mit Blaustift geschrieben:. Du Son Pauses! Heut haben sie angegriffen Bei der ersten Kompagnie. Schon vorher haben sie mit Granaten geschmissen Und ihre Kugeln haben gepfiffen, Der Teufel hole sie. Von oben der Feind, von unten der Feind, Nun ist er auch schon in die Flanke gekommen Und hat uns den Posten weggenommen.

In those remarks, he recalled that he had arrived hurriedly in the just occupied Paris with two other men assigned to create and man a new Propaganda—Abteilung from scratch; and the hard work that had been required, and many long hours needed to be successful at that time.

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There are a handful of academic works devoted to covering the years of German occupation in France —, and one of them cites that by the time of our publication, the Abteilung had employees and 50 branches scattered all over Occupied France. Schmidtke, then, was a powerful man in his own right, reporting directly to Dr. Goebbels in Berlin; but caught up in the intrigue and frustrations of the competing power bases from the German Foreign Office, the Abetz Embassy, and from Amt Rosenberg.

It has been pointed out in academic books on this subject that it was only due to the despondency of the defeated French, the vacillation of the Vichy Government, and the willingness of many French intellectuals and artists to collaborate with National Socialism that allowed German propaganda to be as effective as it actually was. Who was Heinz Schmidtke? He must have been sent to the Eastern Front in late , as the last we know of him was that he was listed as a POW in the Soviet Union in What did Dr.

Goebbels think of him as Kommandeur of the Department? We know what he thought, thanks to the publication of the Goebbels Diaries.

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  6. All good. The returning French intellectuals sour the whole mood. All of them hope for an English victory. We must put in place counter—propaganda.

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    Our campaign is beginning to work and all are enthusiastic about it. Goebbels visits Paris and during this time meets with Schmidtke. I once again instill peace. He will bring momentum to the place. In Paris I will eventually place Knothe [Wilhelm Knother, former diplomat but also a right—hand man to Goebbels in the Propaganda Ministry as an expert in film and other performing arts, mistrusted by Alfred Greven who ran the Continental Films concern in wartime France.

    But he has an integral character. Schmidtke does not deliver what he promises. I have to provide a genuine Nazi at his side. Even in the Propaganda leadership the personnel are unclear.

    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)
    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)
    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)
    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)
    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)
    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)
    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)
    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)
    Der Kommandeur (German Edition) Der Kommandeur (German Edition)

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